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November 24, 2007

Live Free or Die Hard

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You see the new Die Hard yet? Excellent action movie, way better than i expected. Lots of cool scenes (though some are a little far fetched..) It even has that guy from the Mac ads. Definatly worth seeing, good use of two hours..


November 16, 2007

Ridiculous Letter To The Editor

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Heres a completely retarded letter about a new holiday in todays Guardian… I think its best summed up as WTF?!


Thank you, MLA Jim Bagnall, for recognizing the need for another statutory holiday on Prince Edward Island.

I learned about this in the Nov. 12, 2007 issue of The Guardian under the heading ‘MLA suggests adding Family Day as new statutory holiday’. The article announces the need for another statutory holiday for the workers on Prince Edward Island under the name ‘Family Day’. Although this may seem like a good holiday for some, others may disagree with the name.

In today’s society not everyone has a family or some may not get along with their family. Naming the holiday ‘Family Day’ could be an emotional burden on these people. These people may not have a family because of heartfelt reasons and it may be an uncomfortable subject. Not everyone has the ‘fairytale’ family. The definition of family does not mean the same to everyone. Some people are very involved in family-related activities but some people are very saddened by the word ‘family’. These are personal reasons and the name of a holiday should not remind them of the fact that they have no family.

In the aspect of religion, Sunday has always been the day of rest and the day to be around family. Christmas is also a very family-based holiday and can be a very sad time for some people, especially when they are celebrating it alone. I believe this is enough for people who do not have a family because some may not want to be reminded of this.

I am not against having another statutory holiday. I cannot think of anyone that would not like another day off during the year. As stated in the article, I agree that “a holiday can be the best thing for productivity,” because it gets people back into the “swing of things.” I believe that there are better names for a holiday that everyone can agree on. For example, why not call it ‘My Day’, because everyone needs a day to focus on themselves.

Emily Smith,

somebody seems a little uncomfortable with their family… and dont people already spend too much time thinking about themselves??

November 8, 2007

Flying cars?

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GM, Toyota and Ford discuss the future of cars, to be unveiled at the Montreal International Auto Show. (Click on picture for video)

November 6, 2007

Call of Duty 4

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The game was just released on Monday. IGN gave it a 9.4

We’re probably getting it for Christmas…

October 28, 2007


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I got Stephen Colbert’s new book for my birthday (btw, thnks for the car and lotto ticket, didnt win ugh). It’s quite hilarious, definatly worth getting if your a fan of the show. Damn those liberals for ruining america! lmao…

October 23, 2007

How Liberals are destroying America

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1. You have to be against capital punishment, but support abortion on demand.

2. You have to believe that businesses create oppression and governments create prosperity.

3. You have to believe that guns in the hands of law-abiding Americans are more of a threat than U.S. nuclear weapons technology in the hands of Chinese and North Korean communists.

4. You have to believe that there was no art before Federal funding.

5. You have to believe that global temperatures are less affected by cyclical documented changes in the Earth’s climate and more affected by soccer moms driving SUVs.

6. You have to believe that gender roles are artificial, but being homosexual is natural.

7. You have to believe that AIDS virus is spread by a lack of Federal funding.

8. You have to believe that the same teacher who can’t teach 4th-graders how to read is somehow qualified to teach those same kids about sex.

9. You have to believe that hunters don’t care about nature, but loony activists who have never been outside of San Francisco do.

10. You have to believe that self-esteem is more important than actually doing something to earn it.

11. You have to believe that Mel Gibson spent $25 million of his own money to make “The Passion Of The Christ” for financial gain only.

12. You have to believe the National Rifle Association (NRA) is bad because it supports certain parts of the Constitution, while the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) is good because it supports certain parts of the Constitution.

13. You have to believe that taxes are low, but ATM fees are too high.

14. You have to believe that Margaret Sanger and Gloria Steinem (feminists) are more important to American history than Thomas Jefferson, General Robert E. Lee, Thomas Edison and Alexander Graham Bell.

15. You have to believe that standardized tests are racists, but racial quotas and set-asides are not.

16. You have to believe that Hillary Clinton is normal and is a very nice person.

17. You have to believe that the only reason socialism hasn’t worked anywhere it’s been tried because the right people haven’t been in charge.

18. You have to believe conservatives telling the truth belong in jail, but a liar and sex offender belonged in the White House.

19. You have to believe that homosexual parades display drag, transvestites and beastiality should be Constitutionally protected, and manger scenes at Christmas should be illegal.

20. You have to believe that illegal Democrat Party funding by the communist Chinese Government is somehow in the best interests of the United States.

21. You have to believe that this message is a part of a vast, right-wing conspiracy.


October 12, 2007

Top Gear News – Uncut

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Here are some Top Gear news videos, from the new season, that didn’t make t.v.

Here;s the link for the fourth one:

..lmao… its so funny yet so wrong…

October 9, 2007

Mirabel Airport Mega-Project

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After long delay, work set to begin on Lac Mirabel, which would boast 14 million square feet of retail space
Special to The Globe and Mail
October 9, 2007

MONTREAL — It’s been a long time coming, and it still has a way to go until completion, but at least the heavy equipment is finally arriving at the site of what will be one of the world’s biggest shopping malls.

Lac Mirabel, north of Montreal, started to come off the drawing board almost five years ago and was supposed to be completed this year but faced bureaucratic and other delays. Now, the ground is being prepared, and construction crews are expected to start foundation work soon, officials say.

The grand opening is scheduled for 2009 and, when completely finished, the mega-mall will cover an area twice the size of the West Edmonton Mall, with 14 million square feet of retail, residential and commercial space, its backers say.


September 29, 2007

Euro Trip

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 If we decide to go on a European adventure for a couple of weeks once we’re all 18, then i’ve devised a brilliant map… basically  England > Scotland/Ireland/Wales (!?) > France > Spain > France > Italy > Switzerland > Austria > Germany Belgium ….

we should make a list of places/ things to do and see.

or we could go to South America, or the Caribbean, or Africa!

September 25, 2007

Paris Hilton in Montreal

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She was in Montreal a few days ago to promote the opening of a new night club on St. James Street. The owners paid her $300,000 to be at the opening and stay around for a few days. They put two big moving spotlights facing the building. I believe that she was being chauffeured around in a Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo. LMAO


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