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September 10, 2007

Corvette Z06

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I have somewhat fallen in love with this car. We were in Moncton a few weeks ago and saw a bunch of corvettes at the dealership and went to check em out. Damn the Z06 is tight, the wheels, extra vents, etc make the car look really bad ass, looked great in dark blue especially with sunglasses (TopGear films with a grayish lense to make the cars look better..seems to work..) It was surprising how well built they are compared to the rest of the GMs (how can the rest of their lineup suck so much?) and the z06 made the regular vette look bland.  Personally,  I’d buy an M3 or a Cayman S for the same money. I remember the one at the auto show was pretty sweet too.



  1. LMAO, Moncton…

    This proves that GM can make a damn nice car if they want to. Much better than its Detroit rival the Viper.
    I think that the Corvette Z07 will be even better (close to 700 HP)…

    Not all the GM lineup sucks damnit… Cadillac is top notch, Saturn has successfully reinvented themselves, GMCs are the best trucks, Saabs are quirky and unique, etc. The Chevrolet brand sucks, as does Pontiac (except for the G8), and Buick (although its improving – the Enclave is damn nice)

    Anyways choosing between a Z06 and other cars at similar price it comes down to choice. Corvette is more for those looking for vintage American power, M3 and Cayman S for those looking for Euro handling. CTS-V for those looking for both! (Although Clarkson once called the Cayman the Gayman, LMAO…)

    Comment by Canuckistan — September 11, 2007 @ 12:15 pm

  2. The only problem with the proposed zo7 would be theyd just be getting horsepower fever, do you need 700bhp?
    i hate when companies do that (GM, Mercedes, etc) “lets just throw a big engine into it…” having the most hp doesnt equal the best car. the 911 S only has 355bhp and does 0-60 in 4.3s :O

    LMAO…moncton is such an ugly, dirty city..

    lmao… i forgot about some of those brands…but all the vehicles in the lot were yawn… btw: saab used to be quirky and unique gm messed them up too…

    haha… the cayman is somewhat ugly from the back… and has a weird name…

    Comment by johnomar — September 11, 2007 @ 1:45 pm

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