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September 25, 2007

Paris Hilton in Montreal

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She was in Montreal a few days ago to promote the opening of a new night club on St. James Street. The owners paid her $300,000 to be at the opening and stay around for a few days. They put two big moving spotlights facing the building. I believe that she was being chauffeured around in a Lincoln Navigator Stretch Limo. LMAO

Cars spotted (correct me if I’m wrong Andall):

  • 4 Lamborghini Murcielagos (yes 4)
  • 1 Ferrari F430
  • 1 Ferrari Challenge Stradale
  • 1 Ford GT
  • 1 Bentley Continental
  • 1 Porsche Cayman S
  • 1 Pontiac GTO (from 1960s)

anymore Andall?



  1. That guy on the left has to be one of the gayest guys i’ve ever seen. :O

    Damn, 4 (!!!) Murcielagos, a 360 CS, and an F430, and a Ford GT. That’s crazy.

    Comment by johnomar — September 26, 2007 @ 6:13 pm

  2. LMAO, talk about queer lookin’ (overalls, ahem…)
    Probably Paris Hilton’s boy-toy… ewww…

    Funny thing was that all the fancy cars were on the same street (in between this nightclub and the fancy hotel across the street) Unfortunately no pics 😦

    A crappy photographer seems to have gotten some shots of the cars though. If you can make them out, LOL..

    Comment by Canuckistan — September 26, 2007 @ 7:39 pm

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