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September 25, 2007

Halo 3

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This above picture shows the concentration of people playing Halo 3. You can bet that a good percentage of these people are nerds, LMAO. Still a good game worth getting though.



September 19, 2007

Soaring Canadian Dollar

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1.00 CAD


0.990541 USD

Looks like our money will be equal to or greater than theirs soon! Should be a great incentive to visit the US.

But for whatever reason our prices are still bloated compared to theirs on most items. For cars the difference is in the thousands of dollars! 😦

September 18, 2007

Rock Me Amadeus

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September 16, 2007

Xbox Live Connection Issues

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hmmm, this could be the reason we have difficulties hearing each other, and joining games that we host. It seems to be fine when we join random games.

I checked and y NAT is “moderate”, so i should fix that, i just dont know how.  Check yours, its just in the network setting, xbox live test connection.

Damn, why cant these things just work?

September 12, 2007

Call of Duty 4 Beta

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I downloaded the multiplayer beta demo for Call of Duty 4. It is free but you need a special code to be able to download it.

It is excellent! Not a whole lot to complain about so far. Similar to BF2, but the maps and graphics are better.

To get your code go here:

You will have to register for a free Gamespot account. Afterwards you take your code and type it into the redeem codes form on XBL.

Hopefully we can play you online!

September 11, 2007

NHL 08

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This game is pretty damn good. Download the demo and try it out. The game releases on Thursday at Future Shop. I am definitely getting. It is the most realistic hockey game ever made. A neat thing would be to play in an online league. Playing in a league against 30 human competitors would be damn cool. This game also features the 29 AHL teams (such as the Canadiens AHL farm club Hamilton Bulldogs who won the Calder Cup!). I never get tired of the hockey/world war II games, LMAO.


IGN gave it an 8.9/10

September 10, 2007

Corvette Z06

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I have somewhat fallen in love with this car. We were in Moncton a few weeks ago and saw a bunch of corvettes at the dealership and went to check em out. Damn the Z06 is tight, the wheels, extra vents, etc make the car look really bad ass, looked great in dark blue especially with sunglasses (TopGear films with a grayish lense to make the cars look better..seems to work..) It was surprising how well built they are compared to the rest of the GMs (how can the rest of their lineup suck so much?) and the z06 made the regular vette look bland.  Personally,  I’d buy an M3 or a Cayman S for the same money. I remember the one at the auto show was pretty sweet too.

September 1, 2007

Ricer Challenge

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I say we have a challenge to see who can find the ugliest ricer in montreal/pei/wherever and take a photo of it. So no pics from the internet has to be your own picture.

Medal of Honor Airborne

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I downloaded the MOH demo from xbl a few days ago, its not bad but not overly good either. The graphics seem pretty good but the krauts seem to be able to take a lot of hits…

I’d say the best part is they used the music from the original MOH Frontline, that shit is great… i wonder if they’ll include more weird man-woman videos..

Opinions? Just worth renting?

August 29, 2007

A few more sketches of that car I designed last year

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I drew the second picture in french class in May, and I think it looks more like what I wanted the car to look like then it did in that picture I put on the forum last summer. Although I didn’t shade either of them, which might make it look better.

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